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About Us


OIV Mail Inc. is a privately funded company with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. OIV Mail has business and development offices in Shenzhen, China and Bangalore, India.

OIV Mail uses its patented process to issue propriety stamps on a distributed basis allowing both companies and individuals to send stamped email. All funds received by OIV mail for stamps are held in bank trust accounts for redemption by the stamp recipients.

OIV Mail accounts are free to establish and are subject to the privacy and security provisions of the OIV Privacy Policy.


Internet stamped email - paying recipients the stamp value if they open or read the email - is an innovative service pioneered by OIV Mail. Until now, the implementation of stamped email has been difficult for various reasons: large volume of transactions, the small value of a stamp, privacy concerns, and the issue – who pays, who gets paid and who controls. OIV Technology has now overcome these obstacles.

After receiving his US & PCT Patents for 3D Object Code and Pedigree Code (6,463,541, 7,011,245, PCT/US2005/040216), the OIV Mail founder has been exploring applications using these patented technologies to solve complex transactional problems in real world. The realm of mail is one of them. He invited two talented friends to join him for implementation. With a small team of dedicated colleagues and advisors - here we are.

Our Vision

OIV Mail, the Internet Stamped Service, wants to lead the way redefining what email should be: supporting the rights of consenting parties to communicate freely, reliably, safely, privately, and fairly.


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