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OIV Fees

OIV Stamped Mail Fees

The minimum face value of the Stamped Mail is $0.05.

For all Stamped Mail sent from sender's desktop PC using OIV Mailer or OIV Mail Client Plug-in or from OIV Mail website, sender will be charged fee of $0.01 or 10% of the face value of the stamp (whichever is larger) in addition to the face value of the stamp, when recipient opens the Stamped Mail.

Permission Mail, is free, however no acknowledgement notification is sent to sender when recipient opens the Permission Mail.

Sender pays nothing if Stamped Mail is not opened. Unopened mail expires after 7 days - the value and fee for Stamped Mail is refunded when it expires. OIV Mail System always sends notification when the Stamped Mail is opened by the recipient.

For all Stamped Mail sent from OivStampit website, sender will be charged fee as per the fee schedule of OivStampit site. (OIV Stampit is currently not functional.)

Other Transaction Fees
Transaction $Amount Fee
Buying Stamp


Up to $800.00

Transfer OIV Stamp Credit:
(From one owner account to another, credit recipient pays the fee.)

Up to $5.00
$5.01 to $50.00
$50.01 to $100.00
Merchant Account
(available credit by owner)
By paper check & Postal Mail
Up to available credit
ACH Online Deposit

*Effective March 8, 2008. Subject to change without prior notice


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