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  OIV stands for Origin Instantly Verified.

OIV Stamped Email is a message in an envelope delivered in an email. Below is a screen shot of stamped email received in an email client:

The envelope includes cryptographically secure electronic stamp and a link by which the contents of the envelope are retrieved.

The envelope shows the following:

  • Value of stamp -- paid to recipient
  • Verification level of the sender -- which details about sender having been verified by OIV Mail
  • Recognition code -- known only to recipient and OIV Mail, to prevent forgery and spoofing


OIV Mail provides several benefits:

  • Clean Inbox
  • Payment for opening emails
  • Reliable Notification of message opening
  • Convenient micro payment system
  • Verification of sender identity

Clean Inbox means that you Inbox receives only emails you want – No SPAM. It can include the following types of email:

  • Mail from known correspondents – Permission Mail
  • Mail the sender pays you to open – Stamped Mail
  • Mail where the sender has proved s/he is an individual

Payment for Stamped Mail

  • Payment for Opening Email
  • Recipient is paid for his/her time. This is a benefit for the sender who wishes the good will of a stranger.
  • The sender proves the message is valuable. The recipient understands this and gives attention to the mail.

A sender uses Stamped Mail as a sign of respect for the value of the recipient’s time and as a sign of faith that the message is meaningful to the recipient.

The sender chooses the value of the stamp. The recipient may establish a minimum value below which messages are rejected.

Senders have an account with OIV Mail from which the payment can be deducted. When the recipient opens the mail, the sender is notified. If the mail is not opened, the payment is not deducted. Stamped mail expires after four days.


Sender is notified when recipient opens the mail and accepts the payment. Mail cannot be read without generating the notification. Increases the level of integrity and trust between the sender and the recipient.

Payment System

  • Each OIV Mail user has an account which is automatically established when they receive a Stamped Mail.
  • You can accumulate money in your account without submitting and information to OIV Mail.
  • You may register any time after which you can withdraw money and send verified Stamped Mail.
  • Registered users can also add money to their accounts and transfer it to another user.

Fees are extremely low; a small fraction of the value of the stamp is charged to the sender. There are nominal fees for adding and withdrawing money to cover the cost of credit card transactions and mailing checks. There are no recurring fees or any charges for other services.

Verification of Sender

You don’t have to purchase stamps to send Stamped Mails. After receiving Stamped emails you can you use your credit to send out Stamped emails but you must establish your identity by registering with OIV Mail. The recipient thereby has confidence that the sender is verified and can be traced.

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