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Founder and CEO

Michael Hu

Chief Technologist

Max Marshall, Ph. D.

CTO & Director

Anil Lakhwara

Board of Advisors

George Anwar, Ph. D.
Vernon Jiang, Ph. D.
Jim Jorgensen.
Narinder Kapany, Ph. D.
Robert Klueger, Esq.
Paul McEntire, Ph. D.
Prof. William Peng, Ph. D.


Michael Hu

Michael is the founding CEO of OIV Mail, Inc. which offers Internet Stamped-mail and related Services; and leads the way to redefine what email should be: an efficient and effective tool supporting the rights of consenting parties to communicate easily, safely, reliably, privately and fairly. He received two US Patents (OIV Code 6,463, 541, and Digital Pedigree 7,011,245) that serve as the technological base of the OIV Stamp.

Prior to his current occupation, he was a president of H Square Engraving Systems, Interlab Robotics Inc. and before, a product engineer in Microwave Division of Hewlett Packard Co., a production supervisor in Diode Department of Fairchild Semiconductor.

He also serves as a trustee of the Board of Trustees, International Technological University in California ( ) and was a past president of Asian American MultiTechnology Association (

He holds a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.


Max Marshall

Mac has 25 years experience in system design, software engineering, real time control and communication processing.  He worked with motion control, data communications and embedded systems and device drivers for several start up and other companies including Digi International, Intel Corp. and Greenfield Networks.

His intertests include algorithms, structured and low level programming, embedded systems and mathematics. He has a B.A. in Mathematics and Physics from University of California, San Diego and a Ph.D. in experimental elementary particle physics from Cal Tech.


Anil Lakhwara

Anil has thirty years experience as a Founder, President, Vice President, Director, Manager, Software Architect, Project Leader, and Software Engineer with numerous technology start-ups and ongoing enterprises, ranging from ADC Telecommunications, Integrated Systems, Floreat, Peritus, Sorcim, Amdahl and Control Data, among others.

He has extensive experience working with marketing, field organizations, and customers to design and launch customer friendly software platforms, and in resolving all manner of personnel and project problems that occur in a very dynamic product group. He holds the following degrees: M. Math, Computer Science, University of Waterloo; MSc., Mechanical Engineering, Queens University; BSc., Mechanical Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.


George Anwar

George holds a PhD. degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on control systems from the University of California, Berkeley.

He has authored and co-authored a variety of publications in high speed tracking control, adaptive control, and repetitive control. Dr. Anwar has taught graduate level engineering courses in digital design and real-time programming at the University of California.

In addition, Dr. Anwar has acted as a consultant to several high technology companies in the San Francisco bay area and Japan. He has extensive experience in control algorithm design, general software development, real-time programming, and both analog and digital hardware design.


Vernon Jiang

Vernon holds a PhD. degree in chemistry form Duke University.  Presently he is the founder of Salvia Sciences, Inc., a start-up pharmaceutical company.  He was a project leader and a department director in several international and US biotech companies such as Hoffmann-La Roche and Oscient Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Jiang has extensive experience in discovery and development of pharmaceutical products.  He also has in-depth knowledge in multivariate analysis.


Jim Jorgensen

Jim Jorgensen is the Managing Director of Morgen Group an entrepreneurial consulting firm focused on the early stages new ventures and new divisions of larger enterprises. Morgen Group's industry specialties include; Internet, consumer products and services, SEM, SEO, online consumer marketing, medical, online auctions, mobile phone technology, security, insurance, real estate development, online media, sports and investment management.

Jim personally has been the founder or co-founder of numerous companies over the last 30 years including King Enterprises, WomenSports magazine, Preferred Physicians Mutual, Western Equity, Bedrock Capital, Discovery Zone, Qualtos Computer, Challenger Sports, and


Narinder Kapany

Professional Preparation: B. Sc., Agra University, India; D.I.C., Ph. D., Imperial College of Science & Technology, University of London; Honorary Doctorate, GND University, Amritsar, India

Professional Appointments: Founder and Chairman of K2 Optronics., Sunnyvale, CA; Founder and CEO of Kaptron, Inc. a subsidiary of AMP, Harrisburg, PE; Founder and President of Research for Optics Technology, Inc. Palo Alto, CA

Academic Appointments: Regents Professor, University of California, Berkeley; Trustee, Board of Trustees, University of California, Santa Cruz; Consulting Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Stanford University, CA; Trustee, Board of Trustees, Menlo School, Atherton, CA; Trustee, Board of Trustees, International Sacred Literature Trust, London; Regents Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz; Visiting Scholar, Physics Department, Stanford University, CA

Fellowship: Fellow, Royal Academy of Engineering, London; Fellow, Optical Society of America; Fellow, American Physical Society; Fellow, Physical Society of London, England; Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science

Publications: approximately 150 publications and more than 100 patents.


Robert Klueger

Robert F. Klueger (J.D.; LL.M.) is admitted to practice in California and before the U.S. Tax Court. He is a Certified Tax Law Specialist (State Bar Board of Legal Specialization) and is the author of several books and articles on the topics of tax planning and asset protection, including: Buying and Selling A Business, John Wiley & Sons, 1987; Mergers and Acquisitions, A Practical Guide, Executive Enterprises Publications, 1989; A Guide to Asset Protection, John Wiley & Sons, 1996. Mr. Klueger has represented clients against various taxing authorities in all courts, including the United States Supreme Court. A frequent lecturer, Mr. Klueger is a former Chair of the Tax Section of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association and is a member of the American, California and Colorado bar associations.


Paul McEntire

Paul is Chairman of Skye Investment Advisors LLC, an SEC-registered firm specializing in active stock selection and hedging; Skye is partly owned by JP Morgan H&Q.  Skye advises two private long/short hedge funds and separate accounts.

Paul began his career as a “rocket scientist,” working on the Apollo program.  He previously was a CEO of Optimization Technology, Inc., a software technology company, He has lectured at Stanford University, where he did his doctoral research on maximizing a portfolio's long-term growth rate.

He has TV appearances on CNBC, CNNfn and Bloomberg, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, and the NY Times.

Education : B.S. in Mathematics (Phi Beta Kappa), M.S. and Ph.D. in Engineering-Economic Systems, all from Stanford University.


Prof. William Peng

William Peng has a Ph.D. in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University. He has worked in industry for several years, before starting his academic career.

He is currently a professor of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in energy conversion systems with California State University, Fresno.


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