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Security and Privacy

Security and privacy, the essence of mail, are not only important to you as a user, but also vitally critical to OIV Mail, the Internet Postal Service. OIV Mail leads the way to redefine what mail should be: authentic, secure, private, accountable and fair in use.

Security Statement

Our business is protecting the security of your mail and stamps. Our commitment to safeguarding your inbox is second to none.

OIV Mail uses robust dedicated servers with redundant data storage. Proprietary cryptographic technology guarantees the security of your account.

OIV Mail has pioneered two simple techniques to eliminate abusive and fraudulent unsolicited email: the sender is identified and by requiring a small payment for each email, senders cannot afford to send large numbers of messages that will be ignored.

We believe the recipient should receive that payment, as a compensation for time spent looking at the mail.

Stamped Mail is secure and can be trusted.

Privacy Statemen

OIV Mail observes, respects and protects your privacy rights

Email address

  • We use email address as a user ID when you transact with us. Your stamp is also locked with your ID cryptographically for your protection.

  • We will not disclose your email address or other personal information to third parties without your permission.

Other Personal Information

  • Your other personal information is used to verify you are who you said you are, and kept on record. We will release it only when required by law:
    • Cell Phone Confirmation Code
    • Physical Address Confirmation Code
    • Fax Confirmation Code
    • Land Line Confirmation Code
    • 3rd Party Confirmation Code

Policy Changes

  • We value your privacy and pledge to protect it. We cannot guarantee that we will not need to modify the policy stated here. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

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